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Wrongfully Terminated Lawsuits

  • $100,000 Wrongful termination of ambulance driver who blew the whistle
  • $77,500 Wrongful termination of a credit manager at auto dealership
  • $75,000 Wrongful termination, family care leave act
  • $125,000 Wrongful termination
  • $99,500 Wrongful termination & overtime

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

  • $270,000 Sexual harassment & employment termination
  • $102,500 Sexual harassment of a waitress (no termination involved)
  • $80,000 Sexual harassment of illegal immigrant (no termination)
  • $85,000 Sexual harassment of assistant retail manager
  • $101,500 Sexual harassment of a janitor
  • $120,000 Sexually harassed maintenance supervisor by another male

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits

  • $150,000 Race harassment at an oil refinery
  • $85,000 Disability discrimination involving termination
  • $89,870.71 Disability discrimination & termination of near minimum wage employee
  • $80,000 Disability discrimination involving termination
  • $125,000 Age discrimination during layoff
  • $150,000 Disability discrimination & termination

Unpaid Wages, Commissions, Pension Lawsuits

  • $120,000 Unpaid wages for tow truck drivers
  • $85,000 Unpaid wages, overtime, and meal breaks for maintenance worker
  • $99,000 Unpaid commissions & termination of salesman
  • $105,000 Overtime due computer professional
  • $109,500 Unpaid prevailing wages for 2 employees of a small company
  • $88,700 Unpaid overtime of gas station assistant manager

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