Our employee law firm has been hired by several Orange County Mastercorp janitors to investigate and pursue a class action. We believe these janitors’ pay stubs, through Oasis Outsourcing, Inc., are not compliant with California law.

If you have questions about why Mastercorp paid you what they paid you for your work at the Northstar Lodge Hyatt, Old Greenwood Resort, a South Lake Tahoe Resort Palm Springs, California, or anywhere else in California call our labor attorneys at 1-877-525-0700.

The pay stubs issued by Oasis Outsourcing, to Mastercorp resort workers, in Truckee Hotel, have the Following Issues:

1. The Paystubs Fail to Itemize the Correct Number of Hours Worked – While the Mastercorp janitors work 40 or more hours in a work week their pay stubs underestimate and underpay them for the hours worked by close to 40%. For instance, for a 40 hour work week the janitor may be paid for 26 hours.

2. The Janitors are Paid the Wrong Rate of Pay – At the Dolphins Cove Resort in Anaheim, housekeeping is supposed to be paid $8.00 per hour and janitors are supposed to be paid $9.00 an hour. On these pay stubs the rates of pay for the janitors vary between $8.00 per hour and sometimes $9.00 an hour. There does not appear to be any explanation why janitors are not consistently paid the rates of pay they were promised.

3. Overtime is Unpaid, or Incorrectly Paid – Because the janitors are not being paid for all hours worked they are not always being correctly paid overtime when they work more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week.

4. Piece Rates Appear on the Paychecks – Unexplainable piece-rates appears on the janitors’ paychecks. Local supervisors on the site of the Dolphin Cove Resort are unable to explain why piece rates have been paid. We are investigating whether the use of piece-rate pay is being done by Mastercorp to confuse their resort workers whether they are being paid for every hour they work.

Pay stub errors can result in recoverable damages for employees up to $4,000.00. One of the damages our clients plan to sue for are the pay stub errors. However, if employees are experiencing wage theft through underpayment of wages and a lack of minimum wage additional damages will include penalties, and damages to make the employees receive pay at minimum wage. At this point our investigation indicates there are minimum wage violations and nonpayment for hours worked by the janitors.

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